Your Journey Begins With A Design

Design and planning is just as important, if not more, as the installation itself. The design phase is where thoughts, ideas, wants, and needs are realized. 


Our designers maticulously work with our clients to create a vision that is both breath-taking and budget concious. We offer a few design solutions that are catered to fit our client's needs. 


A 2D Plan provides a basic layout, giving an overhead view of your proposed landscape. This can be a great and affordable option. The downside of this type of design is that it lacks depth and visualization.


We also offer edited photo design. This is basically a photo of a sepcific area of the landscape. This again is affordable and it also helps our clients visualize a space before construction begins. It is limited to the small space within the photo however.


3D Designs have changed our designs  immensely. These designs allow us to create a 3D rendering of your home or proerty. Every aspect, including elevation changes, lighting and Seasons can be implemented to optimize the visualization for our client. This design does come at a slightly higher cost but it adds the value of knowledge for the client.


Lastly, our 3D Walk Through Design, our most popular design option, provides a real feel of your home or preoperty. We are able to create a 3D model of your home and property with and add effects of lighting, Season changes, time of day, and wind. This design undoubtedly hels our clients envision what their outdoor living space will look and feel like. View one of our recent 3D Walk Through Designs below!

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