What to Expect

When trying to find the right Landscape Company to fit your needs, it can be a little stressful. Take a look at what to expect so there are no surprises.




When you first contact The Edgebrook Group, LLC., a few questions will be asked to see if you're a good fit for us.


 After the initial contact, our experienced consultant will meet with you at your home or property to discuss your general needs, wants, and expectations. At this time an initial consultation fee of $50 is due.  A brief customer survey will need to be filled out to aid in the design process. Any and all descision makers should be available and a Plat of Survey should be kept handy. This is also a great time to discuss budget.


Leading into the design phase, we will decide if a 2D plan, 3D Rendering or both will fit your design needs best. At this time an pplicable design Fee is due. It is important to note that all consultation and design fees are then credited to your total of the landscape project. From there, all measurements will be taken and the design process will begin. A landscape plan, 3D design, and a Proposal will be completed. This will then be discussed with you and altered as needed. 




Upon acceptance of the design and proposal, a down payment of $250.00 is required to schedule your landscape installation. Another payment, of materials only, is due two weeks prior to start of your project. Typically Installation will begin about 8 to 10 weeks from the acceptance of a proposal but this may differ depending on weather, or work load.


Weather: If your job includes pavers, retaining walls, or any type of work involved with soil, dry conditions are needed. Wet soil conditions may impact your projects start date.


Inclement weather such as heavy rain or lightning may also impact timing.


Permits/ Inspections: We will arrange for any and all permits, bonding, and licensing required by local governments. The homeowner is responsible for any Authorization through the HOA, if applicable.


Utilities: JULIE will be contacted by The Edgebrook Group, LLC., within two weeks of the project start date. We make every attempt to dig carefully, and take every precaution when dealing with utilities. However, sometimes utilities can be hit inadvertently. If this happens, we will contact any service provider and schedule the repair. Service may be temporarily unavailable in the event that this happens.


Private Utilities: This includes septic tanks and fields, down spouts, outdoor electrical lighting, dog fences, sprinkler systems, sump pump lines, and/or pool lines.You are responsible to inform us of these utilities when applicable. Any damage to these utilities not properly marked by the homeowner is the responsibility of the home owner.






The installation process can feel invasive at times. We strive to create a job site that does not interfere with your lifestyle.


However, staging and implementation are crucial to completing a job in a timely manner. We ask that all furniture, toys and other property be put away or secured in a way that it does not interfere with installation. We also urge, when neccessary, that pets and children remain off of the job site. On projects that are multiple days, we always leave our work site in a safe and clean manner. If you ever notice something that you feel may be unsafe please contact us immediately at 815.828.5150.


Pavers/ Walls: When cutting brick, noise and dust can be a problem. We use wet saws to minimize dust but it is not completely eliminated. You and your neighbors should keep windows and doors closed during cutting.



Completion of your project


When your project is complete you can expect to walk around with your project manager. It is our goal to exceed your expectations and we will go the extra mile to ensure your 100% satisfaction.

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