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We would best describe ourselves as a small, family owned business with a passion for Lawn Care and Landscaping.. Through innovation, hard work, and dedication, we strive to be the top lawn and landscape maintenance company in our area.. We are located in Channahon and remain deeply involved within our community.


 Chris, the owner, began in 2000 push mowing residential lawns. After attending Joliet Junior College for Turf and Landscape Management, Edgebrook Services was created in 2006. When the recession hit in 2008-2009, Chris decided to get a "real job" and focus on his family. The passion continued and in 2017, Edgebrook Outdoors, LLC was created.


With continual training in Horticulture practices and technology, we have been able to slowly and steadily grow our company with the primary focus of Exceptional Customer Service and Superior Quality.


Currently, we offer Turf and Landscape Maintenance Services, Site Management, Landscape Design and Construction.


Where we excel 

  • Superior Customer Service
  • Unmatched Quality and Workmanship
  • Outstanding Reliability 



We were very happy with both the service and the price. We would definitely hire them again for future projects.

Kelly R., Shorewood

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